Learning What a Quality Culture Looks Like

Part of laying the groundwork for a quality culture is under­standing what one looks like. This is a lot like a person who wants to lose weight where an effective strategy is to tape a picture of a slender person to the mirror. The picture serves not only as a constant reminder of the destination, but also as a measurement device that indicates when a goal has been met. If a picture of a company with a strong quality culture could be taped to an organization’s wall for all employees to see, it would have the following characteristics:2

  • Widely shared philosophy of management
  • Emphasis on the importance of human resources to the organization
  • Ceremonies to celebrate organizational events
  • Recognition and rewards for successful employees
  • Effective internal network for communicating the culture
  • Informal rules of behavior
  • Strong value system
  • High standards for performance
  • Definite organizational character

Knowing the laws of organizational change and un­derstanding the characteristics of organizations that have strong quality cultures are important to any executive team that hopes to change the culture of its organization. Before implementing any of the specific strategies for establishing a quality culture that are explained later in this chapter, every person who will be involved in the change or affected by it should be familiar with these laws and characteristics.

Source: Goetsch David L., Davis Stanley B. (2016), Quality Management for organizational excellence introduction to total Quality, Pearson; 8th edition.

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