Meaning of Motivation in sales

Motivation is goal-directed behavior, underlying which are certain needs or desires. The term “needs” suggests a lack of something that reaching the goal could satisfy, while the term “desires” suggests positive ardor and strength of feeling. The complex of needs and desires stemming from within individuals leads them to act so as to satisfy these needs and desires.

Specifically, as applied to sales personnel, motivation is the amount of effort the salesperson desires to expend on the activities associated with the sales job, such as calling on potential accounts, planning sales presen­tations, and filling out reports. Expending effort on each activity making up the sales job leads to some level of achievement on one or more dimen­sions of job performance—total sales volume, profitability, sales to new accounts, quota attainment, and the like.

Source: Richard R. Still, Edward W. Cundliff, Normal A. P Govoni, Sandeep Puri (2017), Sales and Distribution Management: Decisions, Strategies, and Cases, Pearson; Sixth edition.

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