Requirements of Knowledge Work Systems

Most knowledge workers rely on systems such as word processors, email, vid­eoconferencing, collaboration, and scheduling systems, which are designed to increase worker productivity in the office. However, knowledge work­ers also require highly specialized knowledge work systems with powerful graphics, analytical tools, and communications and document management capabilities.

These systems require sufficient computing power to handle the sophisti­cated graphics or complex calculations necessary for such knowledge workers as scientific researchers, engineers, and product designers. Because knowledge workers need knowledge from the external world, these systems also must give the worker quick and easy access to external databases. They typically feature user-friendly interfaces that enable users to perform needed tasks without hav­ing to spend a great deal of time learning how to use the system. Knowledge workers are highly paid-wasting a knowledge worker’s time is simply too ex­pensive. Figure 11.9 summarizes the requirements of knowledge work systems.

Source: Laudon Kenneth C., Laudon Jane Price (2020), Management Information Systems: Managing the Digital Firm, Pearson; 16th edition.

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