Strategies for Entering New Markets

A. Picking the right country

  • Select a country that understands the value of your product.
  • Target a country with growth potential.
  • Start with homogeneous markets or markets of strong trading partners.
  • Target a country where you can sell at a competitive price.

B. Understanding the overseas market

  • Be flexible and open minded in establishing the needs of overseas consum­ers, that is, unmet needs that can be satisfied by your product.
  • Determine the skills you need to meet customer needs.
  • Position your company to deliver superior value to your consumers.
  • Design products tailored to each market.

C. Dealing with the competition

  • Pick the right market segment.
  • Invest in product attributes that will keep you ahead of the competition.
  • Build an effective global supply chain.

D. Enhancing capabilities

  • Identify core capabilities that enable you to compete overseas.
  • Partner to augment your capabilities.

E. Bridging the cultural gap

  • Establish rapport before getting down to business.
  • Learn about society’s concept of value, time, punctuality, taste, dress code, and so on.

Source: Seyoum Belay (2014), Export-import theory, practices, and procedures, Routledge; 3rd edition.

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