Computers and Statistical Analysis

Statisticians use computer software to perform statistical computations and analyses. For example, computing the average time until recharge for the 200 batteries in the Rogers Industries example (see Table 1.5) would be quite tedious without a computer. End-of-chapter appendixes cover the step-by-step procedures for using Microsoft Excel and the statistical package JMP to implement the statistical techniques presented in the chapter.

Special data manipulation and analysis tools are needed for big data, which was de­scribed in the previous section. Open-source software for distributed processing of large data sets such as Hadoop, open-source programming languages such as R and Python, and commercially available packages such as SAS and SPSS are used in practice for big data.

Source:  Anderson David R., Sweeney Dennis J., Williams Thomas A. (2019), Statistics for Business & Economics, Cengage Learning; 14th edition.

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